A squeeze??

There’s a person in my Chem class who is really striking to look at. And I’d like to look at them. A lot. 

We’ll call them R. R sat a few seats away from me the first few classes. Twice now, they’ve sat directly to my left, which makes me very aware of where my things are and where their things are. And I notice when they drop things. And ask me for help. And raise their hand. 

They seem like my people? They seem (in my limited understanding) like a kind person. They’re in my Chem class, and almost everyone in that class wants to be a doctor, like me. And, as I mentioned, they’re nice to look at. 

I don’t know why I’m sharing all this. I’ve had squeezes before, people I’d love to spend time with- but not as a romantic thing. I doubt this is a romantic thing either. I’m just not sure what I want, what this is- and I’ve never sat by or actually spoken to a squeeze before. So I’m truly not sure what’s gonna happen here, but. 

I hope R wants to know me too. 




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