Due to personal reasons, I’ve not been posting these on this blog over the past several months. That time has passed, and now I’m transferring these from my tumblr to my blog. This post originally dated 3-12-15.


The biggest issue I have is with arguments of “but if God loves us why does He let bad things happen” when it’s like no guys… He’s not “letting” things happen we are doing things ourselves and he is allowing us the freedom to make mistakes and turn away from Him

God give me strength I hate arguments for atheism where people argue that God can’t exist because humanity is just too fucked up. A big part of understanding this is accepting that yes, you absolutely are responsible for the things you’ve done wrong and so is humanity as a whole and all He’s doing is coming alone behind us and cleaning up and trying to help us avoid making a bigger mess.

He’s not even failing- it just takes more than your life time to clean up a mess as big as ours.


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