To Improve Without Change

When did our culture become a culture where no one gives?

When did we become a culture of owing debt and being owed our due?
When did family stop meaning blood and start meaning people you choose?
Why is it so hard
In a world where to give and to get
Is an anomoly instead of a normality
To feel like you deserve a gift
And are capable of giving?
And why is knowing the difference between
Your place
And pride
So hard?
And knowing that knowing your place
Doesn’t make your place a bad one?
When did hating yourself
And hating circumstances
Become the same thing?
And when did your responsibility for me
And mine for you
Become optional
And distasteful?
When did we stop being human, and become
A society of people bound
By other people saying
“I can’t do that.
Society won’t allow it.”
And refuse to become a society of change?
To err is human
But when will we become divine?

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